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Photography by

Julia Heredia

''Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. "  Dr. Maya Angelou

Julia Heredia is the primary photographer for Julliarte: Photography byJulia Heredia.She sees Photography as one of the many outlets for creative expression as Art as a whole transforms each day. Over time, photography has grown from a childhood interest to Julia's passion and she has been pursuing it professionally for several years. First she started out using Polaroid and Kodak Cameras, later her first Film Camera and now Digital Cameras, Photography has been an interest of hers for longer than she can remember
Driven by her passion for the, Arts, supported by education and formal training,  Julia loves to creatively experiment with light, mixing lines and form and colors and textures while adding creative insight and vision. Dabbling in various forms of photography, she brings  versatility and experience  which enables her to know the techniques to use for a given shoot.
To Julia, capturing the radiance of life, emotion and creativity within an image is a valuable part of the photography trade. Relating to others and assisting them to bring their visions to life, is truly a privilege. Julia sees Photography as a creative journey; learning and obtaining new ideas and knowledge is an intricate part of each day. 
Come along for the ride to reach your vision’s destination. Stay tuned and Enjoy!